The Maryborough District Advertiser offers you the opportunity to insert a supplied document, catalogue or flyer into the paper for distribution across our readership.

Inserts are an efficient and affordable option for distributing your promotional material. With an average readership of approximately 12,000 readers per week – your insert cost can equate to as little as .03c per copy. Compared with other methods Inserts we will get your promotional material inside the front door.

Please note that we may need to confirm your insert meets the required specifics as per Fairfax requirements

• Tuesday’s Edition – 3100 copies $430 inc GST

• Friday’s Edition – 3200 copies $430 inc GST

• Up to 2000 copies — $275 inc GST

• Prepayment required

• Delivery of your insert to Fairfax Wendouree or The Maryborough District Advertiser – three days prior

• Book your insert two weeks in advance

If you are not sure where to start, just give us a call, we are here to help. Our advertising staff have lots of experience promoting to the local community – we know our market and we have proven strategies that will show results.