Climate group postpones council declaration push

While the Maryborough Climate Action Group’s push for the Central Goldfields Shire Council to declare a climate emergency has been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group is still actively working towards educating residents on climate issues.

The group was set up to pursue the request from the public climate rally in January to work with the local council in exploring the possibility of declaring a climate emergency in the Central Goldfields Shire.

After one meeting with the shire, the group postponed negotiations to allow the shire to focus on COVID- 19.

“Our country has done wonderfully well in strictly adhering to the science behind COVID-19 mitigation which has placed us in an enviable position,” spokesperson for the group Tony Macer said.

“We need to listen to the very same scientific organisations with equal confidence to guide us in the mitigation of climate change.”

As all governments are looking to low emission green energy as they plan the economic recovery from the pandemic, there may be economic opportunities to explore locally as well, Tony said.

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