Patient presentations drop during coronavirus

Residents are being urged to continue seeking medical treatment and general health checks during the coronavirus pandemic after local and major health centres noticed a decrease in patients.

Maryborough general practitioner (GP) clinics, hospital and ambulance service all saw reduced patient numbers during the pandemic as communities went into lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus.

The effects were felt across the state with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre reporting a fall in referrals of up to 40 percent at the start of the pandemic, as potentially unwell people delayed visiting their doctor or going to hospital.

Locally, Clarendon Medical Centre practice manager Andrew Love said the clinic did see a reduction in patient numbers earlier in the year however telehealth consultations have been helping residents stay connected with their doctors.

“We did see a bit of a reduction of people coming in at the beginning,” he said.

“However overall, the number of appointments has remained steady with the majority of appointments being face-to-face.

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