Number of netballers able to train together doubles

Netball Victoria announced late last week that groups of up to 20, plus a coach, will now be allowed to train together in response to Victorian Government restrictions.

The initial go ahead for training was made on May 21 for 10 people or less, which suited a single netball team just fine.

With state restrictions now allowing gatherings of 20 people outdoors from yesterday, Netball Victoria is now permitting the doubling of group training permitting that clubs abide by strict non-contact and no match simulation rules.

A statement from Netball Victoria announced this increase in training and also said it is advocating for the return of community netball by mid-July.

“All activity and training must continue to be non-contact and no competitions or match play may take place. Netball Victoria will continue to support associations, leagues and clubs through this unprecedented time to ensure they adhere to the Return to Community Netball guidelines,” the statement read.

AFL Victoria has since followed suit, now also permitting groups of 20 footballers.

For more on this story see Page 19 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, June 2

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