New service to streamline process to get scripts

Residents no longer need to wait for a GP appointment to get regular, repeat scripts thanks to Priceline Pharmacyʼs Scripts Now service. Priceline Maryboroughʼs Laura Robinson says the service is already up and running at Maryborough, with scripts accessed through the store’s Health Station.

Maryborough residents no longer need to make a doctor’s appointment to get repeat scripts for some medication, with a new service now allowing customers to directly order scripts through their local Priceline Pharmacy.

Pricelines across the country introduced the Scripts Now service recently, a new system which provides scripts to customers within 15 minutes in-store.

Customers can request a script at the pharmacy’s Health Station which will be immediately reviewed by a doctor and once approved, will be emailed to the pharmacy which will dispense the medication.

Priceline Pharmacy Maryborough is one of a number of stores which has been trialling the service over the past two months and co-owner Taren Gill said it will help free up local general practitioner (GP) clinics.

“COVID-19 has really highlighted how useful telehealth can be and I think Priceline offering this service really compliments our local GPs and doctors who do a great job,” she said.

“It can be quite hard to get a doctor’s appointment and we don’t want to clog up GP rooms for things that are very minor like getting a repeat of a script for a medication the patient has been on before. Scripts Now will help make sure more GP appointments are free for those who are quite sick and need face-to-face appointments.”

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