Boosting local manufacturing industry part of Coalition’s plan to get state back to work

True Foods managing director Mark Thurlow welcomed Victorian Opposition Leader Michael OʼBrien and Member for Ripon Louise Staley to the local business last week to discuss the Coalitionʼs plan to get Victorians back to work and bring more manufacturing to the state.

Maryborough could be a “key part” of a proposed $1 billion fund designed to bring manufacturing back to Victoria, boost the economy and create new jobs.

Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien, and Member for Ripon and shadow treasurer Louise Staley, visited local business True Foods on Wednesday last week to outline the Coalition’s plan to get Victoria ‘back to work and back to business’.

The plan includes a $1 billion Bringing Manufacturing Home Fund which would encourage businesses to bring facilities and jobs back to the state and Ms Staley said Maryborough has “all the prerequisites” to be at the forefront of bringing manufacturing home.

“Maryborough has everything right to be a key part of a bringing manufacturing home strategy,” she said.

“Its strong history of manufacturing, some of which remains and some of which has grown in recent years, means there’s some assets that could be quite easily turned into manufacturing.

“There’s an approach by the council and the community to welcome new manufacturing jobs and I think a lot of work has been done over the past decade to make sure that Maryborough has all of those prerequisites in place to be able to be at the forefront of bringing manufacturing back home. A dedicated fund for that purpose is the way to go.”

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