Wildlife rescuer’s mission to keep swan family safe

Wildlife rescuer India Armstrong can almost guarantee a call every week about Maryboroughʼs iconic swans which are prone to wandering the streets in search of food. It is her hope that by only feeding the swans at the park, they will learn to stay home where they are safe.

Driving in Maryborough’s CBD means keeping a look out for the local swan family which can often be found in car parks or crossing roads, but wildlife rescuer, India Armstrong, is hoping that together the community can retrain them to stay home.

India said there’s hardly a day that goes by where she isn’t called to either move or check up on Maryborough’s iconic swans, which have developed a habit of hanging out in car parks, near shops and houses and on roads.

She said she’d love the community to help retrain the swans by only feeding them at Princes Park or Phillips Gardens.

“When the swans are out and about and not at the lake — just leave them be. If they’re out on the footpaths or crossing the road just let them move on, hopefully they’ll head in the direction of the lake,” she said.

“Lately they’ve been hanging out at the Woolworths car park and unfortunately people have been feeding them there. It’s starting to become a bit of a habit now for them so if we only feed them at the lakes they will learn if they stay in their home, they’ll get a good feed and they’re quite greedy creatures so they’ll pick that up pretty quickly.

“Everyone loves the swans, it’s just so important that if you want to feed them only do it at the lake.

“You’ll help encourage them to be where they are safe, at home, rather than in a car park.

“As we all know, they do love to go for a walk around town, especially when they’re travelling from lake to lake but we’re trying to encourage them to stay at Phillips Gardens or at Princes Park.”

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