McClure keen to get back into preseason

After a cracking last season, Cam McClure is hopeful of keeping his state and national cricketing appearances coming, permitting that coronavirus doesnʼt wreak too much havoc on the 2020/21 season.

Cam McClure admits he has enjoyed a break from the fast- paced world of cricket while he has been isolating with his family, but with preseason kicking off next week, he’s now headed back to the big smoke.

Eighteen-year-old McClure is Maryborough born and bred and has been on a rapid upward spiral in the sport of cricket, being called upon for state and even national duties this past season.

The Vics will head back to training next Monday and McClure said he is “looking forward” to it after training solo for the past few months in his home town.

“I’m looking forward to training in a group again. I’ve been catching up with a few mates down here from other sports even and doing some general fitness,” he said.

“All the players have got our own little programs that they set for us, most of the stuff is just band work and running.

“I’ve been doing a lot of hill sprints up at Bristol Hill, a lot of mechanics and technique based running. We have to do our two kilometre trial on the first day back so we’re trying to get ready for that.

“Training wise it’s actually been nice to come home and have a bit of time off from that high-end training and just do some individual work.”

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