Local soccer club keen to see some form of play this season

Local soccer players are now being encouraged to revisit their soccer skills after their season was stalled just days out from round one when the initial
COVID-19 restrictions came into place.

The pin was pulled on the local soccer club’s 2020 season just days before it was set to start, but first-year president Jay Murdock is still confident that the community will see some kind of play this year.

The Maryborough Soccer Club runs a local junior competition and also has a senior side which plays in the Ballarat District Soccer Association (BDSA).

While no decision has yet been made by the BDSA on season 2020, Murdock said the club’s priority is to facilitate their own junior competition some time this year.

“We’re confident in the local junior season, we think we should still be able to get at least a short one in,” he said

“When it comes to the regional competition we’re just waiting to hear back from the BDSA.

“We are concious that if we were to run our seniors that we could act as a link between Ballarat and Maryborough which wouldn’t be ideal. But we’ll discus all those things when it’s appropriate to do so.”

Murdock is the goal keeper for the club’s BDSA side and stepped up to the plate as president for the first time this season, which he admits has been challenging given the impact that COVID-19 has had on sporting clubs.

“It has been a disappointing start, but there is not much we can do about a global pandemic,” he said.

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