Local grandmother’s pride over college basketball success story

Local Marg Andersonʼs sporting genes have certainly passed on to her granddaughter, Emma Andrews, who is one of a few Australians who coach college basketball in America and also happens to be a young female — an uncommon sight in a male dominated and experience driven industry.

Local Marg Anderson has a big connection to the illustrious American college basketball scene, with her granddaughter, Emma Andrews impressing as the current Cameron University women’s head coach.

Marg is a Dunolly native whose maiden name of Watts is prominent in local sporting history and may shed some light on how her granddaughter, Emma, became a head coach at a collegiate level before she’d even turned 30.

Marg tipped off Emma’s love of basketball when she took her to her first basketball training some 20 years ago, a passion which would go on to see her travel to study and play as a point guard in the US, despite a small stature of just 5’5.

“I took her to her first practice and she was about two foot shorter than anyone else there, but she was hooked from the first day,” Marg said.

“She was knee-high to a grasshopper but she had lightning speed and was tough as old boots.”

Despite having lived in separate countries for more than a decade, Marg is still Emma’s biggest fan, cheering her on from her home in Maryborough thanks to the miracle of technology.

“Luckily they’ve set up my iPad for me so that I can watch every game that they televise of Emma’s and we also talk over FaceTime so we get to see one another and I can give her some tips,” Marg said.

“We’re very proud of her. She was injured when she was very young but luckily she was able to stay on as a coach and she’s only in her 30s, so who knows where she will end up.”

Emma’s playing journey in America started at Fresno State in California where she played and studied for four years and picked up four Western Athletics Champion- ships, the first in the university’s history.

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