Local director’s musical makes the cut

Local director Shane Harmanʼs musical, Shifty Crooner, will soon appear on stages across the world with a publishing company grabbing the production with both hands. In the works for the past 15 years, Mr Harman said itʼs a surreal feeling to have his work published.

Having spent thousands of hours and countless sessions re-working and tweaking, local director Shane Harman’s musical Shifty Crooner will soon appear on the global stage.

In the pipeline for some 15 years, the musical started its life as a single character, Shifty Crooner, before it was further developed in years to come.

While work on a script started around five years ago, it wasn’t until coronavirus restrictions left Mr Harman with some spare time to refine and eventually finish the piece which, after being picked up by Maverick Musicals who will sell the musical to schools and community groups across the globe, will be his first published work.

Shifty Crooner is an idea that I’ve had for a long time, probably dating back 15 years so it’s been a long time in the process,” he said.

“I was lucky enough that the first company I sent the draft musical to accepted it and said ‘we want this’ — it feels a bit surreal.”

Set in the 1920s, the musical itself is centred around Shifty Crooner, a conman who puts together a group of people believing they’re going to perform a musical.

“Shifty manipulates a whole bunch of characters into getting involved in this musical whether they’re investing in it or if they actually want to perform in it,” Mr Harman said.

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