Free flowers spread joy during coronavirus

Many have thanked Maryborough resident Joan Watts for giving out bunches of flowers from her own garden to lift spirits in trying times.

Kindness bloomed in a local street last month, with one avid green thumb, Maryborough resident Joan Watts, handing out more than 30 bunches of flowers from her own garden.

Every year Mrs Watts bundles up the chrysanthemums which grow in her backyard to sell at the Maryborough Craft Shop, of which she is a life member, but with the shop closed up until recently due to COVID-19, she instead gave them away for free.

Mrs Watts said her supply of flowers was often gone before lunchtime and that it was a good way to avoid wasting the flowers and also to do something nice in a strange time.

“Every year I sell my chrysanthemums at the craft shop on Tuaggra Street, but because of the virus we’ve had to close the shop. I thought ‘well I don’t want to throw them all in the bin, I’d rather give them away’,” she said.

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