Farmer escapes injury after hitting power pole

A farmer walked away uninjured after the tractor he was driving struck a power pole in Rathscar earlier this week, causing the lines to fall onto the vehicle. Emergency services were called to the scene and power to the area had to be cut before the farmer was able to exit the tractor.

A farmer walked away without injury after the tractor he was driving struck a power pole and the lines fell onto the vehicle earlier this week.

Emergency services were called to a farm property beside the Maryborough-St Arnaud Road in Rathscar at around 3.45 pm on Monday.

It’s believed the incident was caused when the tractor driver turned into the sun and was momentarily blinded, unable to see the power pole that was struck.

Avoca Police Leading Senior Constable Luke Jones said that when emergency services arrived, the tractor driver was still inside the vehicle.

“When we arrived the occupant was still inside the tractor, the owner of the farm was here and not long after that an electrician was here to say basically don’t touch anything and don’t get out of the tractor, just stay there,” he said.

“CFA were here first because the incident did cause a small fire but the main concern was the lines — as soon as we got the job we made sure Powercor were on their way.”

Nearby properties were left without electricity for several hours following the incident while crews worked to restore power.

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