Laane declared two-day premiers despite no play

Despite the cancellation of finals, Laanecoorie Dunolly was crowned as the MDCAʼs 2019/20 A grade premier last Friday after remaining undefeated to claim top honours on the ladder. (back) Nathan Leist, Justin Bramble, Liam Hurse, Zac Polinelli, Nathan Dellavedova, Liam Maffescioni, Brad McHugh. (front) Ryan Potter, Zac Graham, Matt Smith (captain), Steven Dellavedova, Liam Mottram, Chris Lee and Kaye Polinelli (scorer).

Laanecoorie Dunolly’s unusual A grade premiership attainment hasn’t stopped coach/captain Matt Smith in relishing in its glory.

The Maryborough District Cricket Association’s (MDCA) 2019/20 season was called off last week, just as the first round of finals were set to get underway.

The culprit of the call off, coronavirus, has impacted all local sports and resulted in the ladder leaders for each grade being crowned as the respective premiership sides.

Laane has accepted its two-day crown with gratitude after a 12-win, zero loss run at finals certainly pinned the side as favourites to take the cup regardless of competitor.

Smith said while Laane would have loved to prove themselves in finals cricket, their season spoke for itself.

“It was a little bittersweet. We would have loved the opportunity to prove ourselves across the finals series and win it the normal way that you win it,” he said.

“It’s just such a risk for the league in terms of insurance if something was to happen, they wouldn’t have been covered, and that potentially could’ve caused problems for local cricket for the years to come rather than just for the finals series for one season.

“Similarly you can get to finals and have a few wash outs anyway and that’s why you’ve got to work so hard throughout the season to make sure that you get the best results and finish on top.”

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