Highview moves classes online due to COVID-19

Highview College will be closed to students from the end of today due to COVID-19.

Highview College is the first local school to close its doors to students and make the move to online teaching due to COVID- 19.

Highview will no longer run face-to-face classes from the end of today and students will be working from home next week while teachers take on a week of intense training in preparation to move entirely to web- based lessons in term two.

Although there has been no official advice for schools to close, principal Melinda Scash said the decision was made in light of the COVID-19 recommendation that social distancing should be maintained.

“The government is calling for personal distancing and I take that very seriously. It’s not something that can easily be achieved in a school,” she said.

“We have a wider catchment than some of the other local schools, our students come from a wider geographic region.

“I don’t necessarily think all schools should close and I think we’re in a low risk area but I want to keep it that way.”

Following advice from the departments of education, health and other relevant authorities, all other local schools have been operating as normal and will continue to do so until further notice.

Some schools have cancelled assemblies, excursions and other extracurricular activities, however there have been no changes to classes.

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