Facebook group proves power of community

As goods from local stores have been stockpiled in past weeks and shortages of essential items have caused concern among shoppers, a Facebook group is proving just how powerful community is.

The Maryborough (Vic) Sharing is Caring Facebook group is an online space where locals can connect and share resources, or even offer to take community members to supermarkets or appointments amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The idea of local resident Marnie Rogers, who felt she was “losing faith in humanity” with reports of fighting over supermarket goods, panic buying and hoarding, the group has become the epitome of all things community.

“I’m an age pensioner and have autoimmune illnesses so I am keeping my distance from everyone,” she said.

“I was reading of all the COVID- 19 kerfuffle, hoarding, people fighting and calling names, I realised I was losing faith in humanity.

“I decided there must be good people out there so I started this group and really, they have just come out of the woodwork.”

Community members are welcome to join the Maryborough (Vic) Sharing is Caring group, which can be found by searching Facebook.

For more on this story see Page 10 of The Advertiser, Friday, March 27

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