Second placed Clunes trailing against Avoca

Despite a less than ideal start on day one, Avoca leads Clunes by 30 runs with just three wickets left in the Magpie chamber.

While the Bulldogs challenged the Pies with gusto in one-day cricket, falling short by just 10 runs, the two sides have gone on to have very different seasons with Avoca currently ranked second from the bottom of the ladder and Clunes ranked second from the top.

Avoca’s innings hinted at this discrepancy in performance with the side lasting just 38.1 overs before being bowled out, however the Magpies’ reply has given the Bulldogs some hope ahead of day two.

Avoca elected to bat first after winning the toss, sending in Ben Morganti and Nathan Lester who partnered for just 15 runs before Morganti (8) became the first wicket of the day at the hands of Sam Williams.

George Norton stepped up for Avoca, seeing 15 runs before he was also claimed by Williams.

Williams went on to dismiss the next four batsmen as well, with Lester (17), Matt Drummond (5), Lachlan Morganti (5) and Josh Morganti (9) all falling like dominos.

Avoca’s sixth batter Luke Polson survived the Williams onslaught and went on to partner with Josh Thompson (3) for seven runs, Nathan Holland (7) for 22, Donny Armstrong for no score and Keith Wilkinson for 13 to take the Dogs into triple figures.

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