Town’s petrol prices more in line with state average

After recording some of the highest petrol prices in Victoria in the past, Maryborough’s prices at the pump are now more on par with the rest of the state as price hikes impact regional and metropolitan centres alike.

This time last year The Advertiser revealed Maryborough residents were paying up to 30 cents more per litre for petrol when filling up locally than other nearby regional centres.

The town’s then three petrol stations, United, Coles Express and Woolworths Caltex, consistently sat well above the state average for price per litre.

Twelve months on, prices have remained fairly unchanged in Maryborough but are now far more in line with the rest of the state.

This time last year, the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) recorded a Victorian regional average of around 125.2 cents per litre for January.

As of January 19 this year, the regional average sits at 142.6.

In 2019 the average regional price was seven cents cheaper than what Maryborough had to offer, but this year the tables were flipped as the town’s average price per litre was nearly five cents cheaper than the regional average.

As of January 22, Coles Express offered unleaded 91 at 137.9 cents per litre while Metro Petroleum, United and Caltex all had their price set at 137.7.

For more on this story see Page 3 of The Advertiser, Friday, January 24

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