Talbot Kindergarten goes into recession for 2020 as enrolment drops

The Talbot kindergarten will not be running during 2020 due to low enrolments, but hopes to go ahead in 2021.

Talbot’s YMCA kindergarten will not be running this year after enrolment numbers dwindled, forcing the kinder to go into recession for 2020.

YMCA early years manager Carina O’Neill confirmed the kinder is in recession this year but said it hopes to reopen if enrolment numbers improve.

“Talbot isn’t running this year but it hasn’t been closed, it’s just gone into recession for 12 months due to low numbers,” she said.

“If numbers pick the kinder will open next year.

“We’ve been working with council, they’re definitely well aware, and they’re looking at strategies for the town to improve numbers.”

Central Goldfields Shire Council general manager community wellbeing Martin Collins said while it would be sad to lose the local service, putting the kinder into recession was the “right call”.

“This year the numbers were just really low and I think putting it into recession was the right call by the YMCA in terms of making sure the children have a strong learning environment and preparing them for school, which isn’t great when the numbers are tiny,” he said.

“We’d be really sad to lose this provision so we’ve agreed to retain the kinder building for 2021. Over the course of the next year we’ll be chatting to the community, looking at what the numbers for next year might be and how we can encourage more people to make use of their local service.

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