Residents urged to stay indoors as smoke lingers

Smoke from the ongoing Gippsland fires blanketed Maryborough on Monday, with a slight haze continuing to hang around the region.

Smoke from Victoria’s Gippsland fires began rolling over Maryborough on Monday this week, coating the region in a thick haze.

The smoke has continued to hover throughout the week and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a state-wide air quality warning, encouraging residents to stay indoors and avoid exercise.

Maryborough District Health Service director of clinical services Nickola Allan said while the health service so far hasn’t seen an increase in respiratory presentations, with the smoke haze still hanging around residents should be alert to the risks.

“Monday was terrible but the smoke is still around. For those with existing medical conditions like asthma or respiratory related conditions, they’re probably the most susceptible to complications from the smoke,” she said.

“People with those conditions as well as young children, pregnant women and over 65s should think about staying indoors with windows and doors closed.

“You should also make sure you’re taking your proper medication and for those with asthma, follow your asthma plan.”

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