Region’s homes at below average risk of burglary

Maryborough households have a below average risk of home burglaries compared to the rest of Victoria, new data has found.

The findings come from RACV’s analysis of Victoria’s latest crime statistics, combining Victoria Police burglary figures for 2018-19 with postcode data to reveal which suburbs are the worst home burglary hotspots.

Although the risk of burglary is highest in country Victoria, with regional areas making up eight of the state’s 10 riskiest postcodes, Maryborough’s 3465 postcode had a below average risk of burglaries.

The data found that over the 12 months ending June 30, 2019, one in 167 homes in that postcode were at risk of being burgled.

According to Local Area Commander Goldfields Police Service Area (PSA) Inspector Donna Mitchell, police data for the Goldfields PSA — which covers Central Goldfields, Mount Alexander and Loddon shires — showed there were 57 burglaries from June to November last year and seven aggravated burglaries.

Insp Mitchell said the region is “pretty good” in terms of burglaries but encouraged residents to ensure their homes are kept locked.

“We’re pretty good in the Goldfields PSA,” she said.

“We don’t feature in the top 10 which could be because people either don’t have house insurance or don’t insure with RACV.

“The most vulnerable targets are firearms in unlocked, vacant premises and people not locking their houses.”

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