Local starts fundraiser for volunteers working at Lexton BlazeAid

Camron Pitkethly is fundraising to help out BlazeAid volunteers who have set up camp in Lexton to help rebuild fencing lost in the recent fire.

Camron Pitkethly was on the front line on December 20 when the Lexton fire raced towards the town and although he’s already gone above and beyond to help his community, he’s still pitching in.

In the aftermath of the fire BlazeAid — a volunteer organisa- tion which helps bushfire survivors rebuild fences — descended on the region to lend a hand and inspired

Camron to set up a gofundme page to help feed the volunteers.

A member of the Burnbank Fire Brigade, Camron battled flames which took off around Mount Lonarch and Ben Major State Forest three weeks ago, coming within just a few kilometres of the Lexton township.

While he and other firefighters battled hot and windy conditions his family, who reside in Lexton, were forced to evacuate.

No houses or lives were lost but the nearly 300 hectare fire burned through kilometres of fencing and farmland, including Camron’s in-law’s property which lost around 500 acres of land, 60-odd sheep and fences.

BlazeAid volunteers quickly set up camp at the Lexton Recreation Reserve and seeing the work they were doing for his community pushed Camron to set up the fundraiser.

“BlazeAid do a really good job. Having people help out makes a huge difference, especially if you’re farming on your own,” he said.

“I thought we should try and get some funds together to go directly to the Lexton camp to help them purchase food so they can have a meal and a cold drink at the end of the day.”

To donate to Camron’s fundraiser search for Support BlazeAid for Lexton & District at www.gofundme.com.

For more on this story see the Front Page of The Advertiser, Friday, January 10

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