Students welcome Terry Floyd Foundation funding

Amphitheatre Primary School principal Matthew Beechey, students Xavier Kozak, Billy Brodie and Sylvan Gadsden were happy to receive the donation from foundation creator Daryl Floyd last week.

Amphitheatre Primary School students are set to benefit from the introduction of a Respectful Relationships program to their curriculum thanks to some new funding.

The school has received $500 from the Terry Floyd Foundation which will help to purchase resources for the program as it’s rolled out next year.

Amphitheatre Primary School principal Matthew Beechey said while the resources will be great for his pupils, it will also help other local students who’s schools form a cluster group with Amphitheatre.

“When the foundation contacted us and said they’d like to donate some money we were very happy, funding is always welcomed,” he said.

“This money will help us purchase some resources like books for the students which can also be accessed by students from the six other schools in our cluster like Natte Yallock, Navarre and Elmhurst.”

Respectful Relationships supports schools and early childhood settings to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours and teaches young people how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

Mr Beechey said while the school always planned to introduce the program, the funding will help purchase extra resources to complement it.

“The program itself is free through the Department of Education and while we would’ve still gone ahead with it next year, the resources we can now purchase will really complement that,” he said.

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