Seven-year-old pulls on the whites for MKM in reserves match to make senior cricket debut

A reserve sides Talbot and MKM were helped by two very special guests at the weekend with 14-year-old Nate Wonson and seven-year-old Campbell Belcher making their senior debut.

When MKM’s A reserve men’s side needed a fill-in on Saturday, seven-year-old Campbell Belcher came to the rescue.

Campbell now has one hell of a senior debut story after playing his first game of men’s cricket for his dad’s team, MKM at the weekend against Talbot.

The cricket mad seven-year-old made six runs, bowled and fielded for the Mill, drawing on his skills from under 10s cricket with Ballarat East.

MKM A reserve skipper Craig Horner said seeing Campbell’s excitement on field took the sting out of the 264-run loss to the Yabbies.

“We were short on numbers and Campbell’s dad, Scott said ‘do you mind if Campbell comes on the field with us?’,” Horner said.

“He just ran his little heart out all day, it was unbelievable.

Despite playing among people three times his age, including his dad, Campbell made six runs for MKM on Saturday.

“Even balls that the other guys were fielding, he’d still give chase and offer to help.

“He got a few knocks to the leg with the ball running fast along the ground but to his credit he handled it very well.

“We gave him the match ball and we’ve heard that he slept with it that night. He was pretty stoked and it was special for him and his dad to play together, so it was a really good story to come out of a day where we got smashed.”

Talbot also had a youngster make his senior debut on Saturday with 14-year-old Nate Wonson having a crack with the ressies.

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