Offender Management Project helping to break cycle of crime

Since its local implementation around one year ago, Victoria Police’s community minded Offender Management Project has seen a shift in local attitudes toward crime.

Commencing a trial period two years ago in areas including Wangaratta, Prahran and Ballarat, the project has been operating for around 12 months across the region and local police have said it’s yielding positive results for the community.

A more proactive way of approaching individuals in the community at risk of offending or already offending, Local Area Commander Inspector Donna Mitchell said the results have been “very positive” for the region.

“The Offender Management Project is about supporting people to break that cycle of criminal intent — rather than waiting for crime to happen and then responding, we’re trying to identify the people who are likely to offend and get them engaged with referral services and support services to break that cycle,” she said.

“It’s a much more proactive approach rather than a punitive one and the results have been very positive, particularly around recidivism.”

Insp Mitchell said the project takes an approach which covers the local policing structure, with officers from the Central Goldfields Crime Investigation Unit, proactive youth resource officers and general duties members all involved.

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