Local gets busy to help out penguin foundation

Leanne Johnson has knitted 20 tiny jumpers for the Penguin Foundationʼs Knits for Nature program this year.

When Leanne Johnson heard about a cause that combined her passion for knitting with helping out those in need, she jumped at the opportunity.

Leanne has spent the past three months up to her ears in wool as she knitted 20 tiny jumpers for the Penguin Foundation’s Knits for Nature penguin jumper program which helps penguins caught up in oil spills.

The foundation put out the call for jumpers earlier this year and the Maryborough Regional Library also jumped on board with the project, providing the knitting pattern needed for the jumpers that Leanne followed.

“This was my winter project, I spent three months making jumpers,” she said.

“The hardest thing was getting the pure wool you need to make them, I went to Ballarat three times to get wool.

“I also asked a lot of people if they had any wool lying around at home and I had many people give me a ball here and there.”

Leanne’s jumpers will be sent to the Phillip Island Wildlife Clinic and temporarily placed on rescued oiled penguins before they are washed.

To ensure jumpers fit properly and don’t cause discomfort, they must be created from the Penguin Foundation’s knitting pattern and made out of pure wool.

Patterns can be found at penguinfoundation.org.au.

For more on this story see Page 10 of The Advertiser, Tuesday, December 3

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