Local creates nation’s first mobile abattoir

Talbot Provedore and Eatery owner Christopher Howe has ventured into a new business, a mobile abattoir service which he is hoping to bring to Victoria soon.

Christopher Howe is a familiar sight at the Talbot Provedore and Eatery on weekends, but during the week he’s working studiously on a business particularly close to his heart.

Along with running and owning the Provedore with partner Jayne Newgreen, Mr Howe has put countless hours into his new business venture, Provenir, Australia’s first mobile abattoir.

The inspiration for the service came during Mr Howe’s years working as head chef at the Avoca Hotel, where he came across a unique problem with a meat provider.

“One of our local producers was a butchery in Daylesford that sold meat from their mixed animal farm with deer, goats, geese, poultry and pigs,” he said.

“I was purchasing meat through them as a way of supporting local producers and also to obtain different kinds of meat that are hard to find in our region.

“Unfortunately they had to close their butcher shop because the abattoir they sent their meat to switched ownership and stopped processing game, so they could no longer get their deer slaughtered which was their signature product.

“That led me to start asking questions about how the industry worked and why something like deer couldn’t be processed on-farm. I kind of assumed those things already existed.”

For more on this story see Page 10 of The Advertiser, Friday, December 6

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