Thieves target Dunolly mine site

The caretaker of a mine site near Dunolly said offender/s who damaged a number of cables and wires after breaking in earlier this week couldʼve done more damage if theyʼd tampered with a high voltage power compound on the property.

Police are investigating the theft of copper wire valued at over $3500 from a mine site near Dunolly after the property was broken into earlier this week.

The incident occurred at a mine site on Sydenham Hill on the Maryborough-Dunolly Road when at least one offender cut through the property’s fence and drove inside.

Dunolly Police Leading Senior Constable Barry Taylor said copper wires were the only items that appear to have been taken and that there was a wide window of time in which the break in could have occurred.

“We had a report of a break in and a theft which is believed to have occurred between 3.30 pm last Friday and 8.30 am Monday morning when it was discovered,” he said.

“All we’ve found to be missing is some copper wire which has an approximate value of $3500-$4000.”

Led Sen Con Taylor said given the nature of the break in and theft, the offender/s would have known what they were doing.

“Access to the site was gained by using wire cutters or something similar to get through a chain mesh fence at the north end of the site. It was peeled back and they drove in through there,” he said.

Led Sen Con Taylor encouraged anyone with information to contact police.

“If you see anything suspicious around mine sites, or anywhere in general, call Crime Stoppers or the local police,” he said.

Crime Stoppers can be contacted at 1800 333 000 or Dunolly Police on 5468-1100.

For more on this story see Page 5 of The Advertiser, Friday, November 22

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