Students learn the importance of road safety

Road Smart facilitator Bree Sharp and Highview College students Will Robinson, Pheobe Lang, Ben McCarthy and Chloe Reid spent time last month learning valuable skills behind the wheel.

Highview College students took a detour from the usual curriculum last month, instead learning road safety skills.

The school’s year 10 students took part in the VicRoads Road Smart program which teaches valuable skills for those about to get their learner’s permit (Ls) and drive for the first time and those who are already driving.

Marking the program’s second visit to Highview since its launch in January last year, Road Smart facilitator Bree Sharp said education around road safety is “absolutely” important for young people.

“The Road Smart program is geared towards year 10 students because they’re the next lot of potential drivers,” she said.

“Most of them are turning 16, they’re getting their Ls and it’s their first time on the roads driving. The program is around educating them about the choices they make on the roads and what makes them more or less safe as drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.”

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