Space obsessed student attends NASA space camp

Harry Bartlett flew to America recently for NASAʼs Advanced Space Academy where he not only had the chance to experience zero gravity environments, undertake G-Force training and build model rockets, but to train alongside astronauts.

Maryborough Education Centre’s (MEC) Harry Bartlett got closer to space than many could ever hope, attending NASA’s Advanced Space Academy in America over the school holidays.

The year 11 student said ever since starting high school, he’s been “hooked” on all things space, sporting a home built observatory at his family’s home in Alma.

After giving a school presentation to his peers about the camp last month, Harry said he never expected to have the opportunity to attend the camp.

“I’m pretty amazed that I got to do it,” he said.

“For someone who lives in a small country town in Australia I didn’t really expect to have that opportunity to be honest.

“There were 1500 students from across the world. We trained like astronauts and sometimes with actual astronauts.”

Tagging along to the camp with students from Ballarat High School, Harry said the students experienced everything from training in zero gravity environments to piloting simulated space shuttles.

“We did things such as rocket building, so we used model rockets and actual rocket fuel to do that. We did G-Force training and scuba diving as well, so training in a zero gravity environment,” he said.

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