Residents warned as snake sightings spike in region

Residents and pet owners are being urged to keep an eye out for snakes in the region as sightings of the reptile have spiked in recent weeks.

As warmer weather hits the region, residents are being urged to stay alert as snakes start making their way out of hibernation.

Hodgson’s Snakes Rescue and Removal owner Gianni Hodgson, who services the Maryborough, Beaufort and surrounding regions, said he’s already experienced a spike in call outs.

“There’s been a lot of sightings as the weather is warming up. Snakes have definitely been more active, I’ve been getting four or five calls per day,” he said.

“I had quite a few call outs to Maryborough last year and I’ve had five in the past week. I have had a number of jobs out towards St Arnaud and Avoca too.

“I’ve also been getting sightings at night time. A lot of people aren’t really aware that snakes can be active at night, if it’s been a really hot day they will come out in the evening or even after dark so you should always be on the look out.”

Under the Wildlife Act 1975 it is illegal to capture, harm or kill a snake in Victoria and Mr Hodgson said the best thing to do if you encounter a snake is to contact a snake catcher or the local council.

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