Mount Alexander Shire’s FDP to begin on Monday

With the weather heating up, the CFA has officially announced the Fire Danger Period for the Mount Alexander Shire will come into effect on Monday.

Mount Alexander’s 2019 Fire Danger Period (FDP) is set to come in effect from the start of next week and Central Goldfields’ is predicted to start soon after.

According to the CFA, Mount Alexanders’ FDP will begin at 1 am on Monday, November 18.

During FDPs residents cannot light a fire in the open air unless they have acquired a permit or comply with certain restrictions.

Goldfields Group officer Robert Ipsen said while a start date for the Central Goldfields Shire’s FDP is yet to be announced, it will likely begin on November 25.

“We’re tentatively looking at the 25th for a start date,” he said.

“Now is the time for people to clean up their properties and get prepared for the fire season before the Fire Danger Period starts.”

CFA District 2 Operations Manager James Dullard said lower winter rainfall across central Victoria means the grass and bush is dry.

“Recent rainfall will not change the overall dryness. Bureau of Meteorology forecasts that the next three months will be drier and warmer than average,” he said.

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