Men’s retreat tackles mental health

Local men found support and worked on opening up about any issues theyʼre facing at a new menʼs retreat hosted last month.

Maryborough locals have banded together to work on helping men in the region to open up and create connections with a unique retreat.

The first retreat, held last month in Lockwood, was attended by 18 local men who spent two days taking part in workshops and sharing and connecting with others.

The retreat was inspired by Men’s Wellbeing, a not-for-profit support organisation, which runs Open Ground events.

The events allow men from a wide range of backgrounds to connect and forge new friendships and to develop as men through a series of high quality workshops and activities over the course of the weekend.

Event organiser Windsor Main said the retreat is the first of its kind in the region and was a safe space for men.

“The event saw a safe space created for 18 men to learn how to drop the mask, truly connect with what is going on for them and share with other men,” he said.

“There are lots of amazing programs to support men once they have asked for help or hit crisis points — this is not a replacement for them — the challenge for those current programs is that men don’t like to open up.

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