Local schools place at 2019 Energy Breakthrough

The annual Energy Breakthrough (EB) has been a quintessential part of the community for almost three decades, which is why it’s certainly no surprise that four local schools cleaned up at this year’s event.

This time last week, tensions were high for more than 20,000 people who travelled to the town of Maryborough for the 2019 Energy Breakthrough.

Among that number were representatives from six local schools in several categories across the board.

Highview College EB coordinator Luke Treacy said the school is “extremely proud” of its three teams, Hola Chica who won the display and presentation and overall all female class, Kulinda who won the HPV class B1 section and Bromance who ranked fifth in the open category.

“This year we had the senior students to cater for those older teams as a lot of the riders had filtered through our system over the years so, for our all female side especially, it was a massive feat to compete with those bigger schools,” he said.

“The juniors (Kulinda) are just so great to work with, they have a massive amount of fun and loads of enthusiasm, so for that to pay off with a win was fantastic and well deserved.

“We’re really proud of all our teams, it’s tough going against those bigger schools for sure. We seem to round up a team of footballers and netballers to get us through and Maryborough Education Centre (MEC) do the same, I think our local kids punch well above their weight, they always surprise us.

MEC took out the Class C display and presentation section and were overall runners up with team Stampede, while Giovanni ranked fourth in HPV B1 and Voltaic ranked fourth in HPV B2.

MEC EB coordinator Jordan Macilwain said this year’s campaign was a true show of school spirit with the primary, secondary and specialist teams all training together in the lead up to the event.

“This year has been the first year where the primary, specialist and senior schools have worked really closely together,” she said.

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