Pyrenees Shire moves motion to retain double lanes in Avoca’s High Street

Avoca’s High Street will retain its two lanes thanks to the people power of local residents who “overwhelmingly” called for the stretch of road to remain unchanged.

The proposal to change the dual carriageway to single lanes was introduced as part of the Pyrenees Shire Council’s Avoca Township and Framework Plan, developed earlier this year, which made a number of recommendations on High Street to make it safer and enhance the liveability and vitality of the town centre.

The plans caused an outcry from the community, with a councillor-led community meeting held in Avoca on September 25 attracting over 150 residents, the majority of which were not in favour of the proposed change according to Pyrenees Shire CEO Jim Nolan.

“The proposal to change High Street to single lanes was the most controversial aspect of the street- scape project that the community overwhelmingly sent a message to council about during the September meeting,” he said.

Concerns included that the double lanes enable traffic, particularly heavy vehicles, to pass one another, as there is a lack of overtaking lanes either side of the township, and that in the case of a bushfire or similar emergency, the dual lanes allow traffic to keep flowing and emergency services to move through unhindered.

At Tuesday’s ordinary council meeting, councillors unanimously moved a recommendation to amend the Avoca Streetscape Plan to reflect a retention of the current two lane in each direction carriageway configuration.

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