Maryborough Benevolent Society marks 150 years

The Maryborough Benevolent Societyʼs current longest serving member Fay Merback and president Margaret Harrison celebrated the 150th anniversary of the society last week.

One of Maryborough’s oldest organisations celebrated a major milestone last week, with the Maryborough Benevolent Society marking its 150th anniversary.

Founded in 1869, just 15 years after Maryborough was declared a township, the Benevolent Society was formed out of a need to provide support to community members who needed it most.

First providing food and clothing to the community, the society began constructing housing for those in need in 1873 and now in 2019, maintains 26 units on Dundas Road which house 33 elderly people.

Run entirely by women throughout its 150 years, Benevolent Society president Margaret Harrison described the achievements of the society as “amazing”.

“When you’re looking back at all the work those ladies have done over the years it’s just amazing, it overwhelms me when I think of all that time,” she said.

“Starting off with giving food and clothing to people who were desperately in need and then deciding they’d build housing to accommodate these people, it’s a wonderful achievement.

“It feels wonderful and I feel really honoured to be part of it.”

As recently as last year the not-for-profit organisation had an original 19th century building transformed into three modern, two bedroom units.

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