Local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club finds success at first competition

Newly formed Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu club, Team Lazaros BJJ is encouraging local people to get involved with the sport. The club currently boasts more than 25 members despite opening less than six months ago.

Newly formed martial arts club, Team Lazaros BJJ is hoping that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be the next big hit in town.

Laz Savvidis started up the club locally in May, under the banner of Stewie’s House of BJJ in Bendigo, and the club had its first competition appearance last month.

Team Lazaros took to the mat for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Australasia Gathering in September with three of its five competitors coming away with medals.

Maddox Stevens took gold while Cruz Stevens and Alayla Savvidis both took silver.

Club spokesperson Shannyn Stevens said while competition is one element of Team Lazaros’ training, it’s not the only thing on offer.

“Competitions are always optional, some people are interested and some people just like the lessons,” she said.

“At the moment we have around 16 kids and 10 adults, but Laz hopes to build that up over time.

“There are both kids and adults classes and women only classes. I myself have just started which is exciting as my kids have been doing it for three and a half years.”

For more information head to the Team Lazaros BJJ Facebook page or phone 0407 343 490.

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