Lil and Ted mark 60 years strong

Ted and Lil Scarceʼs love has stood the test of time with the pair marking 60 years of marriage last month.

A 60-year long marriage is as rare as diamonds, but for Lil and Ted Scarce, six decades have passed without them even realising.

The couple’s diamond anniversary milestone was brought to Ted’s attention last year by a friend and was celebrated last month with friends and family.

Lil and Ted have three children, seven grand children, seven great grand children and one on the way and have enjoyed their last 52 years of marriage in Australia after coming out from England in the late 1960s.

Moving to Australia as so-called ‘10-pound Poms’ as part of the Australian Government’s immigration drive post war, Lil, Ted and their three kids came over by plane on September 26, 1967, their eighth wedding anniversary.

Ted said the family of five moved from England to Talbot to live with Lil’s brother with “nothing much really” just “a few bob, five suitcases and three kids”.

“We were one of the first lot of families to come out on the plane (rather than by boat),” he said.

“I had a job to come to and we had a place to live so it wasn’t too bad at all.”

Lil and Ted were eventually able to purchase their own house in Maryborough and have been here ever since.

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