Dunolly community rallies behind volunteer firefighter after blaze destroys his home

Itʼs two weeks to the day that 75-year-old Ric Moore lost his Dunolly home, walking away from his engulfed property with only his best friend Karl. Ricʼs community have rallied behind the 17-year member of the Dunolly Fire Brigade and SES, with a GoFundMe page and bank account both set up to get him back on his feet.

An episode of Gardening Australia had just finished when 75-year-old Ric Moore’s life turned upside down, with fire engulfing his Dunolly home.

Travelling the country with the CFA and SES, Ric has battled countless fires and acted selflessly in his fair share of emergencies, but two weeks ago to the day the 17-year member of the Dunolly Fire Brigade tragically lost his home.

“It happened Friday night, I was watching telly when the generator made a funny noise so I came out and saw it was on fire. I went back inside and grabbed the extinguisher but it was a small one and couldn’t do much,” Ric said of the night.

“When I got out with the dog the flames were going up so high they were into a tree, it looked spectacular. I went across the road and the neighbours called Triple 000.”

Ric lost everything in just a few short moments, walking away from his home of 19 years with burns to his hands, the clothes on his back and his best mate Karl the dog.

So far, Ric’s GoFundMe page has raised close to $7000, including an anonymous donation of $3000 in just the seven days it’s been running. Donations can be made by depositing into the Ric Moore Fire Trust bank account at the Dunolly Rural Transaction Centre, at the Dunolly Bakery or by visiting www.gofundme.com/f/ric-moore- house-fire-contribution-when-all-is- lost.

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