Council endorses Energy Breakthrough Business Plan

The Central Goldfields Shire Council has endorsed the Energy Breakthrough Business Plan in what is a “giant step forward” for the future sustainability and growth of the event.

Brought before last month’s ordinary council meeting, the plan makes 49 recommendations linking 21 goals across the themes of partnerships, financial sustainability, structure and resource management, the event and good governance for the annual Energy Breakthrough (EB) event.

According to the report tabled to council, as a direct result of the recommendations outlined in the plan, the Central Goldfields Shire Council, in partnership with the Country Education Partnership, are working towards the development of a partnership agreement which would establish shared intellectual property for the EB.

The report tabled to council outlines that further work is required to develop a more high- level strategic plan to compliment existing works which have already been undertaken.

According to the report, the high- level strategic plan should identify a strategy to grow sponsorship and investment, new ways to better showcase sustainability in event management and new ways STEM (science, technology engineering and maths) based learning and innovative technologies can be incorporated into the event, as well as new ways to better position the event to engage and grow the local visitor economy year-round.

For more on this story see Page 4 of The Advertiser, Friday, October 11


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