Operation Argus results pleasing for local police

Local police are pleased with driver behaviour in the region following a fatality-free road operation over the weekend, and are encouraging drivers to keep up the good behaviour heading into local sporting grand finals this Saturday.

Operation Argus, which ran from Thursday to Sunday, targeted speed, fatigue, driver distraction and seatbelt offences and the Goldfields Police Service Area (PSA) recorded no fatalities or serious injury collisions.

Across the state, five people died over the four-day operation which was launched as a direct response to Victoria’s soaring number of lives lost on the roads.

Despite the tragic losses around the rest of Victoria, Goldfields Highway Patrol Sergeant Noel Jacobs said it was a successful operation for police on local roads.

“Overall we were happy with the local road users over the four days, people were abiding by the road rules and we had no serious injury collisions,” he said.

“There were a number of motorists who were caught speeding but other than that it was good. There were a low number of offences.”

In the Goldfields PSA — which encompasses towns including Maryborough, Dunolly, Newstead, Maldon and Pyramid Hill — 32 offences were recorded, with speeding topping the list with 22 drivers caught going over the limit.

Police also nabbed two disqualified drivers, two unlicensed drivers, four unregistered vehicles and two disobey signs/signals offences.

No drink driving, drug driving or seatbelt offences were recorded.

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