Minister visit puts housing crisis in the spotlight

Shadow Minister for Housing Tim Smith and Member for Ripon Louise Staley dropped in to Maryborough last week to shine a light on the housing crisis.

The housing crisis in rural Victoria was put under the microscope last week when member for Ripon Louise Staley and Shadow Minister for Housing Tim Smith headed to Maryborough.

The visit to Maryborough and surrounding towns in Ripon, Ms Staley said, was a chance for Mr Smith to get a greater understanding of the housing crisis facing many rural communities.

“In Maryborough there’s a crisis-housing crisis and there’s also not much housing available generally,” she said.

“I wanted Tim to understand, as the shadow minister just how limited the housing services are and that they haven’t been expanded here for well over 10 years.

“These visits are about having Tim in Ripon to make sure as we go through the first year of opposition for this term that he understands the unique problems here so that we can put pressure on the government for services now and also as we create policies in the future he will now have a good understanding of all of Victoria.”

Stopping into the Maryborough District Heath Service (MDHS) and the Dunolly Hospital last Wednesday, Ms Staley said the lack of options to house people in both Maryborough and Dunolly is a “major issue”.

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