Maryborough Carpet Bowls Club calls it a day after 74 years of play

The remaining members of the Maryborough Carpet Bowls Club enjoyed their final day of play last week with the club now set to close after more than seven decades.

After 74 years of play, the Maryborough Carpet Bowls Club sent its last shots down the mat last Wednesday, marking the end of an era.

In the past, the club would host several competitions a week held in the Maryborough RSL Hall with seven or more mats chock-a-block with avid male and female bowlers.

Now in its 74th and final season, the club has been whittled down to just two mats with 16 members, all female, carrying the torch to a disappointing end.

Lack of membership coupled with ageing players and dignitaries has left the club with no option but to close.

Club stalwart Evelyn Wiseman has been treasurer since 1989 and was coaxed into the sport 20 years earlier by her mother who needed a fill in for her own team.

Now, more than 50 years of play later Evelyn said she is sad to think about the club closing, especially given its popularity in the past.

“We used to have men, it was mixed and they would put the mats down and roll them up. Now it’s left to Gwenda our president,” she said.

“I can remember we had a photo of people filling this hall, we had to have seven mats to accommodate and now we can barely fill two.”

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