Library welcomes increased funding

Maryborough Regional Library officer Bec Clark and library services manager Maree Stephenson have welcomed a 2.5 percent increase in recurrent funding for the library, which will enable further expansion of childrenʼs programs and the libraryʼs outreach service.

Public libraries throughout the state have received a record $44.7 million in recurrent funding from the State Government, with funding for the Maryborough Regional Library increasing by 2.5 percent.

Announced last month, the increase in funding for the library means more programs for children and the continuation and expansion of the library’s outreach services.

With a number of library-run programs and activities, as well as resources proving ever-popular, library services manager Maree Stephenson said the funding increase is a positive.

“The funding is generally worked out per capita, so the increase is welcome and is going to be to the advantage of rural communities overall,” she said.

Ms Stephenson said part of the funding covers the cost of books and operating systems, while the remainder of the funding will go towards “local priorities”.

“Some of the funding has to go to local priorities and every region picks their own,” she said.

“The local priorities for our library service for this year are our children’s programs and outreach service.”

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