Eloise’s air pollution problem brings EPA officers to school

Eloise Lightenʼs environmental curiosity brought EPA officers Kristen OʼHalloran
and Alex Wells to St Augustineʼs last week for a talk about the environment.

Looking up into the night sky, but not seeing any stars is what inspired year six student Eloise Lighten to reach out to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for answers.

The EPA headed to Eloise’s primary school, St Augustine’s, last week to talk about the environment after it received a curious email about the difference in visibility between Maryborough and Ballarat.

Eloise said she was “extremely excited” to bring the expertise of the EPA to Maryborough.

“I’ve been so excited for the talk,” she said.

“I went to Ballarat on a trip at night time and I couldn’t see the stars at all. I was pretty disappointed because here (in Maryborough), I can always see the stars at night.

“I sent the EPA an email to ask what everyone could do to help air pollution.

“They said that they could come to my school and I thought that’s a great opportunity.”

For more on this story see Page 8 of The Advertiser, Friday, August 16


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