Blake raising funds for MS Readathon

Dunolly Primary School prep student Blake Davies has taken up the MS Readathon this month, reading as much as he can and raising money for those living with multiple sclerosis along the way.

Reading is recognised as an important aspect of education and for one local prep, reading can be a bit of fun too.

Dunolly Primary School student Blake Davies is taking part in the MS Readathon, a national month- long event which inspires kids to read as much as they can throughout August.

The MS Readathon sees kids push their reading to the limit, while also raising funds for children who have a parent with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Blake, who said he loves reading, also wanted to help those in need.

So far this month, Blake said he’s already reached his goal of raising $100 by raising $117, and that he’s lost count of the number of books he’s read.

When asked what his favourite genre or types of books were, Blake said he wasn’t quite sure because he likes “all of them” and has his sights set on getting involved in the readathon next year.

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