Police warn locals of black ice threat in frosty weather

Local police are urging road users to stay safe on the road, as cold weather has well and truly descended on the region, and the possibility of encountering black ice on the road has increased.

With cold weather settled in, local police are reminding drivers to stay safe on the road and be aware of black ice throughout the region.

Central Goldfields Highway Patrol Senior Constable Paul Schroeder said the message is to drive to the conditions and not to the timetable you have.

“It’s better to be late than to drive outside of your capabilities and have an accident, particularly when it’s wet or foggy — it’s better to be late than dead on time,” he said.

Although Sen Con Schroeder said there aren’t many roads affected by black ice in the immediate area, he said they still present a concern for police and bridges throughout the district can present a hazard to road users.

“Especially when we’re having little bits of rain and cold weather overnight, anywhere there could be a collection of water could freeze,” he said.

“Bridges in particular can be quite dangerous and there’s more potential for black ice to be present on them as they’ve got cold air from above and below.

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