Final NBN rollout commences

The NBN will soon be rolled out to all remaining homes and businesses in Maryborough.

The final rollout of the NBN in Maryborough is set to get underway from today, with some 880 homes and businesses expected to be connected over the coming months.

From today, most existing landline phone and internet services in the area will be progressively replaced by the new network.

Connecting to the NBN is not automatic and head of NBN local Victoria Ebony Aitken said residents who are yet to switch are encouraged to contact their preferred phone and internet service provider to place an order.

“It’s important for residents and businesses to remember the move to the NBN network is not automatic, people need to speak to their retailer in order to continue to use their fixed line telecommunications services,” she said.

“While many homes and businesses in Maryborough have already made the switch to a service over the NBN access network, this is the final stage of the transition to the new infrastructure and brings the community closer to fully embracing the benefits of fast broadband.”

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