Timetable change scheduled for Maryborough trains

A temporary timetable change will be introduced for Maryborough trains from Sunday, July 7 to provide “better certainty” for passengers.

V/Line regional manager Dallas Martin said arrival and departure times at some stations would change by two minutes to more accurately reflect current operating conditions on the line.

“We want passengers to be able to plan their day with confidence, so we’re making a small change which will help more Maryborough trains get passengers where they need to go on time,” he said.

This change is set to improve reliability by ensuring Maryborough trains fit seamlessly with Ballarat, Ararat, Geelong and Bendigo services to Melbourne.

“A few minutes can make a big difference to the way Maryborough trains share tracks with other services,” Mr Martin said.

“This change will not only help more Maryborough trains arrive on time but also reduce the chance of late running causing delays to other services.”

The existing timetable was designed prior to recent network changes, which have altered the running patterns of some trains.

Maryborough trains heading towards Melbourne will depart two minutes earlier than the current schedule from Maryborough, Talbot, Clunes and Creswick stations. They will run to the current timetable between Ballarat and Melbourne.

All trains travelling away from Melbourne will be scheduled to arrive in Maryborough two minutes later, with no changes to arrival or departure times at other stations.

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