Shire welcomes $1.4 million in Fixing Country Roads funds

Four roads in the Central Goldfields Shire are set to undergo works in coming months as part of the Fixing Country Roads Program. Part of Burke Street will see $426,000 spent to renew and upgrade the road, bringing it to the standard of councilʼs Road Management Plan.

Four local roads will see upgrades, renewal works and stabilisation projects underway in coming months as part of the Fixing Country Roads Program.

Round two of the program, which is designed to assist councils in improving their local roads, has seen the State Government contribute $1.4 million across the projects, bolstering Central Goldfields Shire Council’s investment of almost $700,000.

According to the Fixing Country Roads Recommended Projects — Round 2 document, part of Burke Street, between Kars and Inkerman streets and in front of St Augustine’s Primary School, will be renewed and upgraded, bringing it to the standard set out in council’s Road Management Plan.

The $426,000 project involves the renewal of road pavement and provision of asphalt seal, renewal of kerb and channel footpaths, and school crossing to current disability access standards and parking areas.

The education area experiences high numbers of traffic use at school start and end times, with up to 47 students reportedly using the crossing in the 30-minute peak times and up to 87 vehicles accessing the road.

A two kilometre section of Rodborough Road will see $450,000 spent on stabilisation works, as well as the renewal of pavement and seal.

The road is accessed by a high number of heavy vehicles on a daily basis, travelling from the Pyrenees Highway to the Grandview Chicken Farm.

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